Things to do in Tehran

The Best Things to do in Tehran

In this post, we make suggestions for the best things to do in Tehran on your first days. … Read More

Isfahan the Half of the world

Isfahan the Half of the world

One reason to call the city of Isfahan, half of the world is its rich history that dates back to the Achaemenes emperor. … Read More

buy SIM card in Iran

Buy a SIM card in Iran.

Two major telecommunication companies in Iran sell SIM Cards: 1- IR-MCI and 2- MTN Irancell. … Read More

Gluten Free

How to survive in Iran with Gluten and Lactose intolerance

As co-founder of Persian Walk dealing with gluten … Read More

Nartitee Ecolodge

Nartitee Ecolodge, an unforgettable stay in Taft

When talking about Taft, the name of Nartitee Ecolodge is really bold, as a peaceful … Read More


Sepas, Merci, or Thanks!

The word Thank you in Farsi is ‘Sepas.’ However, you can use the French version with the. … Read More

Tehran Hostel

The best Tehran hostels

Tehran Hostels, Like any other country in the world, you can find hostels in Iran, too. Tehran has lots of hostels. … Read More

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Visiting Iran begins with Tehran, the capital city. On Persian Walk’s Tehran Free Walking Tour. … Read More


Under the Spell of RoseWater

Rosewater plays an important role in the lifestyle of Iranians. Due to the anti-stress effect, normally, … Read More


A Love Story of Cucumber and Summer in Iran

Cucumber in Iran has a taste and really good smell, and it is not as big as police batons. … Read More