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Obtaining Iran travel visa looks complicated to travelers since there are different sources of information online. However, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is trying to ease the process for many nationals. For Example, to alleviate tourists’ concerns over US sanctions on individuals visiting Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has started a program not to stamp the passports of the tourists arriving in Iran.

Also, On December 13, 2023, the cancellation of Iran visa requirements for 45 countries was approved by the Iranian Government, and the unilateral cancellation of visa requirements with the priorities set by the Ministry of Tourism was approved by the Government.

According to internal laws, approvals, and bilateral agreements, certain foreign nationals can stay in the Islamic Republic of Iran without obtaining visas through conventional procedures.

Citizens of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria, Georgia, Armenia, Egypt, China, Iraq, Oman, and Kazakhstan are subject to visa waiver rules.

Nationals of Lebanon, Venezuela, and Malaysia can obtain the necessary permits upon entry at the designated entry points, following established rules and conditions.

Ordinary passport holders from the following 28 countries can stay in the Islamic Republic of Iran for tourism purposes for a non-extendable period of 15 days once every six months:

Middle East

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates, 🇧🇭 Kingdom of Bahrain, 🇸🇦 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 🇶🇦 State of Qatar, 🇰🇼 State of Kuwait


🇺🇿 Republic of Uzbekistan, 🇰🇬 Kyrgyz Republic, 🇮🇩 Republic of Indonesia, 🇧🇳 Brunei Darussalam, 🇯🇵 Japan, 🇸🇬 Republic of Singapore, 🇨🇴 Kingdom of Cambodia, 🇻🇳 Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 🇮🇳 Republic of India (Only by Air)


🇹🇳 Republic of Tunisia, 🇲🇷 Islamic Republic of Mauritania, 🇹🇿 United Republic of Tanzania, 🇿🇼 Republic of Zimbabwe, 🇲🇺 Republic of Mauritius, 🇸🇨 Republic of Seychelles


🇧🇷 Federative Republic of Brazil, 🇵🇪 Republic of Peru, 🇨🇺 Republic of Cuba, 🇲🇽 United Mexican States


🇧🇦 Bosnia and Herzegovina, 🇷🇸 Republic of Serbia, 🇭🇷 Republic of Croatia, 🇧🇾 Republic of Belarus

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