Learn Persian Online

Learn Persian Online


Do you love Iranian art and want to learn Farsi (Persian) to appreciate it more? Looking to travel to Iran and connect with locals on a deeper level? Maybe you’re moving to Iran for work or marrying an Iranian and want to navigate daily life and understand the culture? Learn Persian Online!

Katya can help you achieve all of these goals! She’s a captivating Farsi instructor with a unique story. Her journey began unexpectedly at university, and despite initial challenges, her love for Iran blossomed. Through immersive experiences and a passion for language, she has become a fluent Farsi speaker and a true expert on Iranian culture and Persian language.

Learn Persian online

Katya Monajemi

BA in the Persian language, BA in Cultural Anthropology with focus on Iran

Why Learn Persian Online with Katya?


Persian Course

  • 16 Lessons
  • 60+ Audios
  • 30+ Videos
  • Excercise Check
  • Feedback
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What will you learn?
  • Everyday Talk: Greetings, introductions, ordering food, asking questions, and more.
  • Real-Life Situations: Learn from menus, song lyrics, TV shows, and other real-life materials!
  • Iranian Culture: Gain a glimpse into Iranian customs and traditions.
  • Fun & Engaging: Watch videos, listen to songs, and enjoy learning Persian.
By this learn persian online course, you’ll be able to: 
  • Talk about yourself: Introduce yourself, your family, and your daily routine. ‍‍‍
  • Make plans: Arrange meetings with friends, ask for directions, and get around town.
  • Express yourself: Say what you like and dislike, and understand what others say.
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