Rial or Toman

Rial or Toman

Damn it! Rial or Toman?

I know how confusing it could be that a country has two different currencies. Here, Persian Walk dedicates you to the best way to get used to the Iranian currency system.

The official currency in Iran is the Rial (IRR), written on official bank notes, checks, and official letters and contracts. However, Iranians use Toman in their conversation and daily life. Many places like restaurants, cafes, and shops have recently used Toman. So, asking them first to find out which currency they use is recommended.

Each Toman is 10 Rial. When you look at the bank notes, the queue of zeros in front of one number seems horrible, but the rule of thumb is to remove one zero at the end, and then you have your banknote in Toman.

Moreover, due to the number of zeros on the banknote, people create a new version of Toman, meaning they remove four zeros from Rial and use Toman as a one-digit number. How?

For example, the label price of one bottle of mineral water is 20000 Rial, which is 2000 Toman but can also appear in the handwriting menu or be mentioned in conversation as 2 Toman. Got it??? No worries, you get used to this system fast.

To find the exchange ratio of the foreign currencies to the Toman, you should use Bonbast.com when your VPN is on. Please remember that Google is not showing the right exchange ratio, which will cause you problems.

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