Tehran Free Walking Tour

Tehran Free Walking Tour

Why traveling is so important? What is Tehran free walking tour?

The tourism industry is in a transition zone in the world. Technology provides people with tons of information about history and sightseeing in new destinations, with nice pictures as well as comprehensive details in your mother language. But what we cannot realize from the Internet is the social life, local people, the taste of the food, and the smell of the city. Humans and customs are a big part of cultures, which can be understood just by facing them in place and can not be squeezed into a travel book or video on YouTube. In this blog, we first need to talk about free walking tours and then introduce you to the Tehran Free Walking Tour.

Tehran Free Walking Tour
Tehran Free Walking Tour

Experimental tourism is trendy nowadays, which is a consequence of technology, and free walking tours can also be designed in this way. 

Free walking tours in all cities are great platforms for adventures and solo travelers of all budget levels who would like to dive deeply into new cultures. Please consider the fact that a free walking tour does NOT mean it is free of charge; it means you are free to decide how much the information is valued. And you pay based on your budget.

Tehran Free Walking Tour: 

Visiting Iran begins with Tehran, the capital city. Not only us as co-founders and tour guides of the Tehran free walking tour, but also the reviews of our tourists on TripAdvisor also highlight the fact that participating in the free walking tour in Tehran as the first activity upon arrival in Iran provides travelers some more inside information directly from local assisting them for cultural adjustment and helps adventures to avoid any culture shock or misunderstand occurring among cross cultures’ interactions.

We try our best to give you some hints and show you the hidden gem of Tehran, which cannot be found in LONELY PLANET or in any travel guidebook.

Why are you waiting for? Check our website and see our schedule for Tehran’s free walking tours and theme tours.

Our Evening Walking tour:

Museums close at 18:00 or 19:00 (in summer), and there are no dance clubs or bars here. How can we have night activities?

No worries, you can reserve your spot on our evening walking tour in the northern part of Tehran. We show you the new vibes and the nightlife. By participating in our evening walking tour, you can even understand how the nightlife can be done in a country without a disco and bar.

Tajrish Tour
Tajrish Tour

Finally, we know Iran has become bold in the News due to political issues and the hostage crisis. However, have you ever thought about the story of the hostage crisis and the life condition of locals during sanctions from locals??

You can find new updated devices such as iPhones and modern smartphones in the hands of the new generation; Iran is full of international brands. Have you ever thought about how a country under global banking sanction can purchase from Amazon, pay admission fees to foreign universities, and so on?? How can life be looked like under sanctions while the value of the Iranian currency depends on huge engineered Western media ???

Islamic revolution took place in 1979, and all of our tour guides were born post-revolution children since we were born; our ears have been full of news that the US would attack our motherland; we experienced life under the Iran-Iraq war for 8 years. In our theme tour, Revolution on Train Tour, our storytellers tell you about their personal stories about conditions under sanction and the memory of their childhood during the war. You will love that tour. We guarantee that.

The Former US embassy-Revolution-On-the-Train-Tour
We warmly welcome all solo travelers and adventures who step out of their comfort zone despite black media to discover Iran, this beautiful, enchanted oriental land, on a Tehran free walking tour.
Old Tehran Walking Tour
Old Tehran Walking Tour

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