The best Tehran hostels

Tehran Hostel

Why Hostels?

Nowadays, tourists and travelers could use online services effortlessly. Reserving accommodations, tours, flights, etc, are so simple on the internet. Consequently, the number of solo travelers is increasing because there is less need for tours and travel agencies.

When you travel on your own, accommodations become more important to you. Travelers are looking for better prices, higher quality, good locations, and safe places for staying overnight during their journey.

Solo travelers & backpackers are more price-sensitive than the other kinds of travelers. They also search for a unique experience.

Hence, providing all of these qualities requires a huge effort from service providers in the tourism industry.

Hostels throughout the world could make a better response to these demands, and today, they become the first option for tourists and travelers, especially solo travelers.

Tehran Hostels

Like any other country in the world, you can find hostels in Iran, too. However, due to Iran’s cultural richness and diversity, tourists and travelers face a wide range of hostels in any corner of this huge country.

Tehran, as a metropolitan city, has lots of hostels, but finding a gorgeous hostel with reasonable prices requires some recommendations by city experts.

Razzaz Boutique Hotel
Razzaz Boutique Hotel

Here is the list of recommended Tehran Hostels:

  • Rooberoo Hostel is one of the most attractive and hospitable hostels in Tehran among tourists and travelers who accompany us on daily walking tours. It has dorms and private rooms.
  • Heritage Tehran Hostel is one of Tehran’s oldest and most popular hostels. It has private rooms and dorms. They also have a hostel in Isfahan.
  • Hi Tehran Hostel is another good option for the ones who like to stay in a hostel with a good location.
  • Razaz Boutique Hotel is one the most attractive and hospitable boutique hotels in Tehran among tourists and travelers who accompany us on every day free walking tours. This boutique hotel used to be a hostel. The historical house belonged to one of the most famous Iranian athletes in the 19th & 20th centuries, and it was renovated as a boutique hotel in old Tehran. Inside this unique house in Tehran, not only could you visit the classic architecture of old Tehran, but you could also see the Zurkhane sports equipment. Zurkhaneh, literally meaning “House of Power,” is a gymnasium for performing “Varzesh -e- Bastani,” which means ancient sport. This is a purely Iranian sport that has been done by Iranians for centuries. You can learn more about Zurkhaneh on our daily Zurkhaneh tour.
Tehran heritage hostel
Tehran heritage hostel
Hi Tehran Hostel
Hi Tehran Hostel

Finally, we do not leave you alone in Tehran. You could have a great experience in Tehran by participating in Persian Walk free and paid walking tours recommended by TripAdvisor users. We try to make your travel wonderful by giving you an impressive experience. Stay tuned with Persian Walk. 

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