Sepas, Merci, or Thanks!


One of the most useful expressions you need during your traveling time for any new destination is how to say thank you or Sepas!

The word Thank you in Farsi is ‘Sepas’ or in the complete version, is Sepasgozaram. However, you can use the French version with the Persian accent (Merci) as well. But why? Why all loan Latin words in Farsi are pronounced in French and not German or English???

Do you have any idea how many French words we use in our language? Here, you can have a complete list of French words imported into Farsi.

The first point of cultural exchange between Iran and Europe started during the Qajar period when the Qajar kings started to travel to Europe. They were astonished by the European lifestyle and wanted to mimic some European lifestyle in Iran. This influence can be seen in architecture and language.

Moreover, Sending and funding high-class families’ children for education in Europe, especially French universities, gradually impacted cultural exchange in society since most of the graduated students returned to Iran and worked as politicians, ministers, or representatives in parliaments.

To show off their knowledge, they used lots of French words, which resulted in importing lots of loan words from French to Farsi. The influence of the French language in Farsi was so dominant until the 1920s when the second language of schools was changed from French to English.

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