Shiraz City Tour

Shiraz City Tour

Tour Overview

We offer a full-day Shiraz city tour with a certificated Shiraz local tour guide. During this tour, you will visit the most beautiful attractions and Persian gardens of Shiraz while enjoying famous Faloodeh Shirazi.
First, we will start our Shiraz tour by visiting the Pink mosque where you can take beautiful pictures. The Ghavam house and Zinatolmolk house are some of the best examples of the beauty of Persian architecture and houses. Zand area consists of the citadel-museum- mosque – bazaar and bathhouse and it’s most seen in Shiraz to understand the capital of Iran during 18 century. Eram Garden is one of the most beautiful Persian gardens in Iran and at the end, we would chill out in the Hafez tomb famous poet of Shiraz.

*For Transportation, our local guide will arrange a taxi in cases needed (Normally twice during Shiraz city tour)

Meeting Point: Any location in Shiraz based on your accommodation.

You can contact us at this number: +98 901 832 1335 (WhatsApp & Cellphone)

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Pricing & Booking

From €25/each
  • For 1 Person: €50
  • 2 People: €30/each
  • 3 People: €25/each

Tour Itinerary & Highlights

Morning | Pick-up from Hotel
Picking you up from any desired place in hotel.
Pink Mosque (Nasir-al Molk)
Best photography spot with stunning stained glass windows that decorates the interior in a rosy glow.
Ghavami House- Zinatolmolk house – Gallery Alley
Ghavam House showcases traditional Persian architecture and intricate tile work, while Zinatolmolk House offers a glimpse into Qajar-era elegance. Gallery Alley is a cultural hub, featuring local art and handicrafts.
Karim Khan Citadel
The imposing fortress as a testament to the Zand dynasty’s glory, with its towering brick walls and distinctive corner towers.
Pars Museum
A beautiful garden, Pars Museum, a collection of art, historical artifacts, and cultural treasures from the region.
Vakil Mosque
Renowned for its vast courtyard and stunning columns, an example of Islamic architecture.
Moshir Caravanserai and Bazar
Moshir Caravanserai is a historic inn offering insights into the lives of travelers and merchants of the past, while the adjacent bazaar is a highlight of Shiraz city tour
Bath house
Visiting a traditional Persian bathhouse, complete decorations and historical bathing artifacts.
Eram garden
A UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its botanical beauty and classic Persian garden layout.
Hafez tomb
The final resting place of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez, this site is a serene garden that invites reflection and admiration for his literary works.
Join this tour for unforgettable memories!

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